Flying Colors Tattoo opened in 1992, at it’s first location on Coombsville Road. It was a lifelong dream of Laura Bennett Johnson’s to own a shop that reflects her love of people, pictures and stories.
“In the beginning when I opened the shop I had two tattoo machines, a roll of scotch-tape and a desk. Something like that.” There was no budget for the “flash” art that one usually sees displayed on the walls of a tattoo studio. “Right then I became a custom shop, by necessity.” Twenty years later Laura has never looked back, or regretted this decision. “Each person is a unique individual, how could one rack of designs ever hold every perfect design for every person?”
While Laura has been the heart and soul of the shop since its inception, other very talented artists have come through over the years. “The crew we have right now is the best ever, I think.” she’ll tell you, but then when you ask her which is her favorite tattoo she’s done she’ll usually say “The one I just finished.”
Although there have been male artists at Flying Colors Tattoo over the years, the shop has become the home of the Tattoo Ladies- and clients seem to like the softer, calmer energy Flying Colors has to offer.
Although we have a fully functioning autoclave for piercing tools and jewelry, we decided to make the switch to ALL single-use, disposable needles and tubes for tattooing. Every instrument that touches your skin during a tattoo is brand-new and has never been used on another person before. Autoclaves are a safe and reliable way to sterilize instruments, is it truly necessary to offer single-use instruments to our clients? “We don’t think so, why not narrow the margin for error as far as we can?” At Flying Colors Tattoo we treasure your health and safety and believe that every client has a right to expect this attitude in a professional environment.
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We hope to see you soon! Stop by with your artwork (or any little bits of ideas you’ve been collecting!) and we’ll make an appointment for the tattoo of your dreams!