Laura Bee Johnson

Who I wanted to be when I grew up... Every day that I wake up and realize that I get to make a living doing what I would do for fun anyway is a lucky day for me indeed! In 2011 I had the twenty year anniversary of doing my first tattoo, and it’s still as fun and fresh today as it was for me then! My specialties include coverups, flowers and other botanicals and shiny things. I have a thirty-year background in Tarot, astrology and other symbolic languages, and love to work personal meaning into each custom design I tattoo. The artwork is only a part of the best tattoo experiences, I believe that a comfortable, fun and relaxed atmosphere and a good relationship with your artist are equally important. It has always been my goal to have people arrive as customers, but leave as friends-knowing that we really care about each person individually and are dedicated to creating the best tattoo experience you can imagine.