Lady Blair

Living the dream... Lady Blair has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Blair has an imagination that is amazing and she brings an unusual and often abstract style to the party. One day there were hundreds of bees in the shop. While Laura sees them as friends Blair knew there was only one thing to be done: she sat in the parking lot and drew a picture of herself, riding Medusa with a flaming sword. “Look, these are the bees Medusa has already turned to stone.” she said, so we asked “Why would you need a flaming sword if Medusa can turn the bees to stone?” “How many times will I get to ride Medusa? Like I’m going to leave my sword at home...” Blair specializes in wild color, crazy creatures and the juxtaposition of the known with the unknown. She graduated from New Technology High School and has been with Flying Colors Tattoo since 2009.